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Half Dead Flowers - Damien Hirst Margaret Mellis


Half Dead Flowers - Damien Hirst Margaret Mellis


This book provides an opportunity to highlight the connections between Damien Hirst and Margaret Mellis – who became a close friend and mentor of Hirst’s during the development of his early career. In 2001 Hirst expressed the view that she had been unjustly neglected and deserved to be "up there – large on the map with her contemporaries". Their works were first exhibited side by side in the Tate in 2008.
The text by Damien Hirst is amended from an original introduction written for the exhibition catalogue ‘Margaret Mellis’, Austin /Desmond Fine Art, London 2001. A reproduction of a hand written letter from Margaret Mellis to Hirst from circa 1987 is also included.
Half Dead Flowers is published on the occasion of the ‘ARTIST ROOMS: Damien Hirst’ exhibition at the Pier Arts Centre, Orkney, from June 20th to September 12th, 2015.
ISBN 978-1-906967-73-4
Softback, 20 pages 11 colour illustrations 300 x 240mm 

Published by Other Criteria 2015

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