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January: session with Morag Tweedie and Emma Fraser

February: session with Walker & Bromwich

March: workshop with Walker & Bromwich; Three-day Orkney residency with Fresh Fruit, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

April: Zine making and storytelling workshop with Gillian Stewart and Tom Muir

April/May: three workshop sessions with Tuesday Club

June/July: working with Walker & Bromwich on the development, construction and performance of new art work as part of Orcadia and Other Stories.

August: Roadshow to Sanday, East Mainland, Dounby and County Agricultural Shows.

August: Five day fieldtrip to Glasgow and Edinburgh, visiting galleries presenting GENERATION programme including workshop with Fresh Fruit at the Fruitmarket.

September-November: GENERATION AFTER GENERATION – display at the Pier Arts Centre of all the material collected and made during the GENERATION public engagement project, including 290 Miles North work made by Fresh Fruit on the residency weekend.

February: video session stimulated by dialect project invitation from Newlyn/Exchange

April-May: mentoring programme in development and delivery of education workshops funded by OIC Art Education Network

June: working with Nathan Coley on the installation of his exhibition BURN THE VILLAGE, FEEL THE WARMTH

July: two workshops with Scottish visual and performing artist Catriona Shaw

April-September: a good prospect – series of workshops and sessions culminating in exhibition of invited and personal responses to the changing visual landscape

October: presentation by group member Amy Firth of her experience as an invigilator at Scotland & Venice. 

October: Project development meeting with Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich

January: session with artists Tumim & Prendergast and their work on commission for Grampian Hospitals Trust

February: Plus Tate Learning Project: Can you tell what it is yet? – Open session with artists Mark Jenkins, Rik Hammond and Plus Tate ‘critical friend’ Bernadette Lynch.

April: Discussion evening with Christine Borland on preparations for her forthcoming exhibition at the Pier Arts Centre Divine Imperfect (July-August 2012)

April: workshop and participation with Mark Jenkins PAC/Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Residency

July-August: participation in Christine Borland’s gallery installation Grey Room

July: workshop with Sarah Forrest – Margaret Tait Residency

August: Plus Tate Learning Project: workshop sessions with Andrew Parkinson PAC Curator and Melissa Munro, Curator National Museum of Wales

September-October: Plus Tate Learning Project: We love Real life – works from the Pier Arts Centre Collection curated by Piergroup

December: session with video artist Emma Ainsley

May: ARTIST ROOMS Beautiful Being Katz and Twombly ‘en plein air’ weekend workshop with Diana Leslie

June: Jim Lambie BEACH BOY, working as part of installation team

October: Sylvia Wishart  – a retrospective, three-day long workshops based at Heatherybraes, Sylvia Wisharts former studio, recording and painting the natural environment with artists, Laura Drever, Tim Wootan and Mark Scadding. 

April/June: ARTIST ROOMS Bill Viola Being Time – six film-based workshops with Mark Jenkins

June: Artist workshop 

January: two-day sculpture workshop with Frances Pelly

June: Interpretation for Northlight Cynasure – the re-opening of the Pier Arts Centre July 2007

Workshop with Art & Agriculture artist in resident Rebeccca Marr

November/December: two-day, film-based workshops with Amy Todman exploring the work of Margaret Tait